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Xenotec Seeks Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for Covid-Fighting Air-Filter

In the initial shock of COVID-19 infected patients ending up in the ICU and isolation rooms in early 2020, Xenotec’s president, Daniel Lindgren, had a call with a local hospital about how his company could help. Together, they discussed ways to respond to the healthcare community’s critical need to protect first responders and healthcare providers against the virus. One significant problem was stopping the virus from spreading through the exhaust from ventilators and similar respiratory equipment.  As with all PPE, there was a shortage of air filters designed to connect respiratory devices; even more confounding, the filters were not designed to capture virus-sized particles reliably.  And in many cases, the breath from a COVID-19 infected patient was simply blown into the isolation room, exposing the care providers to an airborne virus.  Xenotec’s response to this problem was to develop a new air filter designed specifically to stop virus spread in hospital ER’s, isolation rooms, and in the ambulance, to protect workers and other at-risk medical patients.

Using Xenotec’s agile engineering team, a state-of-the-art solution was rapidly developed; it’s what’s called an UPLA filter (Ultra-Low Particular Arrestor) named ULPA-X.  Its advantage over other filters is that it can remove an impressive 99.9997% of tiny 0.012-micron particulates from the air; blocking a coronavirus directly, which can pass through a HEPA filter which is only rated to remove 99.97% of larger 0.03-micron particulates.  Given the extremely small particle size of a virus, the ULPA-X is an exponentially better filter for defending against Covid-19.

Daniel Lindgren says, “Our ULPA-X filter is versatile in its design and material choice, being made of translucent PVC, so that it can be universally fit to any breathing tube, as well as visually monitored for fluid buildup over the filter’s 24 hour period of use.  We’ve also made it possible to UV sterilize and reuse filters in good condition, making this an excellent solution for shortages as well as being more environmentally friendly than other filter designs.”  Xenotec has certainly taken a challenging path to make the world a safer place for hospital patients and health care workers who may encounter airborne biological threats. 

At this time, Daniel is seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA to bring this device to market in time for the second wave and beyond.

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