Welcome to Xenotec, Inc!
Welcome to Xenotec, Inc!
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About Us

Xenotec was originally started by William Lindgren in 1971.  The original company conducted engineering services for defense and NASA.  With the advent of the microprocessor, Xenotec lead the industry in using computer processing to generate 2D sector ultrasound images.  This technology was married with the specifications and guidance of Dr. Steve Charles MD to create the first commercially available ophthalmic ultrasound, named the "Ultrascan". This revolutionary technology was a great success and the Xenotec was acquired in 1981 by Coopervision.
In 2006, Daniel Lindgren resurrected the Xenotec name.  The current Xenotec has developed a variety of solutions from one-off engineering projects to the commercialization of several successful products such as rodent anesthesia face mask kit, and the ophthalmic product line sold through its subsidiary, OcuScience.  Xenotec has continued to advance its technology in multi-modality imaging including ultrasound, optical coherence tomography, and retinal imaging. 

Our customers are second to none. From private practices to big pharma, we provide reliable products and knowledgeable service and support to hundreds of customers worldwide. We are well known for making novel tools for research and solutions for healthcare. Xenotec is at the forefront of technological innovation in imaging and specialty physiological devices.​ We are a privately held, veteran-owned, and organically grown S corporation. We have a unique business model focusing on the concept of liquidity cycle time. Our value proposition is better data, robust analysis, and simpler use are our fundamental values in our portfolio of products and services.