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Welcome to Xenotec, Inc!
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Animal Anesthesia

Complete Isoflurane Anesthesia for Rodent Examinations

Benefits of Isoflurane Anesthesia

  • Less complications than injectable agents
  • Easier control of anesthetics
  • Level plane of anesthesia
  • Minimal animal handling = Less stress
  • No controlled substances required
  • Quick recovery time

Gas anesthesia with Isoflurane is quickly becoming the standard method of general anesthesia for rats and mice in biomedical research. The advantages of using gas anesthesia for in-vivo examinations are numerous. Our facemask has a patent pending design and method to tightly and flexibly fit on various size rodents. Our EZ Anesthesia system includes everything you need to conduct a wide variety of exams.

Xenotec Inc. / EZ Anesthesia System


Greater safety for the researcher and the patient is the goal of the Xenotec complete anesthesia system. Less human gas exposure and reliable ease of use is what you will experience with our system. The design makes this system versatile to fit limited laboratory space and is used in a variety of exam procedures.

System Includes

  • Isoflurane Vaporizer
  • O2 Regulator
  • Induction Chamber
  • Charcoal Filtration Kit
  • All Tubing / Connectors Needed

If you need a quote or more information about the Xenotec Inc. / EZ Anesthesia System, please contact us at Info@Xenotec.us

Also available: Complete Rodent Facemask Kit

This 4-pack of small, medium, large & extra large facemasks makes it possible to test a wide variety of rodents weighing up to 750 grams. The kit comes with 4 masks, & 12 feet of flexible medical grade PVC tubing. Anatomically correct, durable, waste gas removal mask system that allows for both eye and head access.

Download the Rodent Face Mask Kit Brochure for Product Information and Pricing